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‘Home is where the heart is’ – is the old saying. New one goes – ‘Home is where the heart is *(conditions applied)’. Along with your heart, you are likely to get leaky walls, tilted floors and shady roommates.

Fast-paced corporate lives often require employees to move all over the country. Either with family or alone, constant migration gives rise to the need of searching apartments or roommates, and the phenomenon is often not less than downright tedious and tiring. Not to forget the legal and security implications that have become a must these days.

The situation is especially difficult in Indian metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore), along with towns such as Pune, Kanpur, Kota and Ahmedabad, where IT and education sectors are shaping up.

Filling the need gap is the online realty sector, which makes house hunt a little less of a woe. e27 lists out five mobile applications that make house hunt in India tad less difficult.

Property Plus

Designed by Invendroid, Property Plus works like an aggregator of property deals. Be in buying, selling, renting or subletting, you can find potential deals in the area of your choice across all online realty websites in this application.

As per your requirement, the application shows you results from various websites, including,, and The aggregator element helps in comparing prices and leveraging the array of options.

Property Search India – Favista

Online real estate website Favista’s mobile app helps users complete most of their tasks from the application. The key highlight of the application is the augmented reality feature that allows users to hold their mobile along the landscape to get live information of their surroundings’ properties and their details.

The application helps to search for preferred house listing and also offers demographic filters such as city, location, size and budget. Once searched, users can check the current status of the property like under construction or ready to move in. They can also get access to the property via Google Maps.

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Mobile application of the roommate search engine, Grabhouse gives users the opportunity to search for tenants or roommates. The app offers real-time notifications of people showing interest. Also, the app takes care of the users’ preferences while hunting a tenant or a roommate for them.


An application by, Rento is dedicated to people hunting for apartments on rent. The mobile app offers rent listings exclusively from metros, thus giving precise offerings. Users can contact the property owners by posting an inquiry.

MagicBricks created its mobile presence a few years ago. The mobile app comes across as a miniature of the website and allows users to carry out almost every function from the app. A few highlights of the applications are interactive map search, prices trends to evaluate property value, driving directions to the location and creating property alerts.

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