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Earlier this year in an exclusive interview with e27, Singapore based ISP, MyRepublic’s CEO, Malcolm Rodrigues informed us that if Singapore’s IDA (Infocomm Development Authority), wanted to release a license for a fourth telco in Singapore, they would bid for it.

Today, in what can only be described as a landmark day for Singapore’s telco’s scene, the IDA has announced that they’re “proposing to release more spectrum for mobile broadband services and to facilitate the entry of a new mobile operator.”

The statement from the IDA continues with: “The entry of a new mobile player will increase competition in the mobile services market. A new entrant is likely to bring about a wider variety of innovative services and more competitive offerings to the benefit of end-users.”

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The IDA also mentioned that it would be cheaper for new entrants trying to secure the fourth telco license.

This is big news for MyRepublic, who in a release, sent two hours after IDA’s announcement said: “MyRepublic has gone through the paper, and we couldn’t be more excited! This is wonderful, wonderful news.”

“This will also enable MyRepublic to accomplish our vision of building an innovative low-capital small-cell network that focuses on improved mobile Internet connectivity. We are also very glad that the indicative reserve package price is lower for the new entrant,” the company said.

It would seem that the pieces are in place for MyRepublic to make a move into the telco space. Time will tell if a year from now, we will be putting MyRepublic SIM cards into our phones.

Yap Yong Teck, MD MyRepublic Singapore told e27 that, “with all the pieces in place, we are no poised to impact the mobile landscape the same way we disrupted the broadband market and we look forward to it”

Further notable from IDA’s announcement is that “IDA does not at this juncture see Singapore’s mobile market being able to sustain more than four nationwide infrastructure players.”

So basically, what this means is that if MyRepublic doesn’t win the fourth telco bid, then the company’s chances of ever becoming a telco in Singapore become much, much smaller.