iFlix, the Malaysia-based entertainment service, announced today the launch of a 24-hour live News Hub called iFlix NEWS. The hub is broad-based and focussed on aggregating live news streams, clips, and linear feeds from leading international, regional, and local news authorities.

All 28 markets where iFlix is available will have access to it starting from September 3 for free.

This launch for the news hub is deemed timely, because iFlix is taking part in providing reliable, anti-fake, click-bait online news content.

The news available will include editorial news highlighting current affairs and financial, as well as business news, from local and international sources.

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“Audiences today, particularly the rapidly growing youth segments want immediate access to the stories and events that are shaping the world around them. [At] iFlix NEWS, we deliver comprehensive stories and current affairs to customers with an exceptional user experience, completely on their own terms,” said Mark Britt, iFlix co-founder and CEO.

Furthermore, Britt added that the live, linear and clipped news formats are available in multiple local languages, which makes iFlix an ubiquitous service.