Tubetrackr.lead final

iLathys, a Singapore-based startup developing web and SaaS platform, is launching TubeTrackr at VidCon, the world’s largest conference for YouTubers, held in California from June 26–28, 2014. TubeTrackr is a platform for organic video marketing on YouTube.

“While videos represent a growing part of the content viewed and shared online, there is a scarcity of affordable online tools for organic video marketing on YouTube”, says JC Bougle, Co-founder of TubeTrackr. “We started to develop TubeTrackr for our own video marketing needs and then decided to make it available to others. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and you can leverage the power of YouTube to your advantage to build outstanding channels and a large audience,” he added.

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TubeTrackr offers dashboards, which includes channel monitoring that can track performance of videos from one’s channel and other channels on the metrics that really matter.

Rank tracking tracks rankings of a video for any keyword. One can track the marketing actions by adding notes to any video. It generates reports and graphs of the evolution of the rankings.

TubeTrackr’s toolbox includes a range of tools such as channel search that searches channels for any keyword to find other channels and influencers to collaborate with and cross-promote. The graphic design can design the YouTube channel header or graphic overlays for the videos.

The keyword competition analysis analyses how competitive is the first page of YouTube for any keyword phrase and the video analysis obtains information on all attributes, including hidden tags, for a given video so that one can optimise the videos accordingly.