The Mills Fabrica has announced the launch of a multi-faceted tech innovation centre based in The Mills in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

The Mills Fabrica is the innovation arm of The Mills, a revitalization project by Hong Kong’s Nan Fung Group aimed at transforming their old textiles factories into a new heritage and innovation centre.

The new 15,000 sq ft space will comprise a co-working area, called Fabrica Space, a prototyping lab, called Fabrica Lab, and an experimental retail store to showcase innovative products, called Techstyle X.

Fabrica Space will house private offices and fixed and hot desks, and an atrium with a three-storey-high skylight.

Fabrica Lab will include 20 machines and equipment, donated by 11 sponsors including the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textile and Apparel (HKRITA), so that entrepreneurs, students and corporates can turn their projects into real products.

Check out some photos of the tech innovation centre below:

The atrium at the Fabrica Space

Fabrica Space’s hot and fixed desks

Fabrica Lab

Fabrica Lab’s array of machines and equipment

Techstyle X

Another side of Techstyle X

Investment in two startups

In the same announcement, Mills Fabrica announced that, through its fund, it has made two new investments in Hong Kong-based startups.

The first is a US$1.5 million Series A investment in ORII, a wearable tech company. ORII has developed a smart ring that allows users to listen to their text messages through bone conduction. They can also use the smart ring to communicate with voice assistant applications.

During its Kickstarter campaign, ORII raised over US$300,000. The company plans to use the new investment to scale up its B2B business and enhance its product’s features.

The Mills Fabrica Fund also put in a US$600,000 seed investment in fashion tech company Unspun. The company uses 3D automated weaving technology and other software to make customized apparel for customers.

Unspun will use the new investment to grow its global brand partnerships and further develop its 3D weaving machine.

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Both ORII and Unspun are existing incubatees of The Mills Fabrica’s 12-month incubation programme, which is designed to help companies increase their brand exposure through global
showcases and product launch events, as well as access corporate and investor partners.

Both companies will move their headquarter offices into The Mills, and through that gain access to Fabrica Lab’s prototyping facilities.

Unspun will also launch its flagship pop-up store at Techstyle X.

“Fabrica Fund is very excited to lead the investments in ORII and Unspun, our incubatees, and help them scale their business to next levels,” said Alexander Chan, Co-director of The Mills Fabrica.

“Over the past year, we witnessed both ORII’s and Unspun’s strong visions in innovation and sustainability for tech style and have been working extensively with them through our incubation to take their technologies to market and expand their brand globally,” he added.

Image Credit: The Mills Fabrica