With about 1,000 people in its network, Toong is a co-working space that is working hard to expand across Vietnam and serve the entire country.

On Friday, it announced a deal with the major Southeast Asian real estate company CapitaLand to construct and launch its fifth space in its third city. Once completed, Toong will have a presence in all three major Vietnamese regions — with spaces in Hanoi, Danang and eventually Ho Chi Minh City.

“2017 will be a year of transformation for us. In addition to expanding to such a key market like Ho Chi Minh City, we are working hard on infusing more new and transformative elements into our spaces,” said Toong Founder and CEO Duong Do.

“Our aim is to push for more innovation to happen not only with startups but also inside small and medium businesses (SMEs) as well as Multinational Corporations (MNCs) in Vietnam”.

So, let’s take a look!

First city – Hanoi

Any co-workings pace is defined by its common room. Is it a large, open-aired space? Or a smaller, livingroom-esque vibe? In Hanoi, Toong’s space at Trang Thi has a common room with long tables, pretty neat artwork and (apparently) fashion magazines du jour.
Common Room FINAL

Which is completely different from Toong’s Ngoc Van office, which has incredible wooden structures that are more akin to a museum than a co-working space.


But don’t worry, the office chairs and Apple laptops will make any startup entrepreneur feel right at home.


This meeting room at Trang Thi has an elegant, graceful ambience that feels more like a dining room than a place for business.

Meeting Room

Second city – Danang

While the offices in Hanoi had a unique elegance, the Danang common room has a more modern feel, with pod-style desk layout, and a wide, airy atmosphere.


The meeting rooms have walls made of glass and the walls are white and largely undecorated. With the plants and grass-carpet, entrepreneurs across Southeast Asia will be familiar with the look and feel of the Danang office.


When events are held, it has the feel of a classroom, which helps facilitate participation from the audience and a more hands-on environment.


Third city — Ho Chi Minh City

The new site will be called ‘Toong at the Oxygen’ (because it is located in a CapitaLand mall called The Oxygen). While the picture below is just a rendering, the co-working space looks set to have prime real estate in the building.


This will be the future lobby area and while it has a long way to go, the next picture will show the future of these metal flying doves.

lobby_toong_ho chi minh city

And finally, the grande reveal. This is the inside rendering of what the new Toong co-working space in Ho Chi Minh City will look like. Personally, it reminds me of a rainforest.