We have been publishing lists of healthtech startups in Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia as gathered from our startup database.

One thing that we noticed about the healthtech startups operating in these countries is the diversity of the challenges that it aims to solve. While Singapore tends to focus more on building technologies to support medical operations, Vietnam tends to focus on figuring out new ways to make healthcare more accessible.

In this article, we are finally getting to Thailand, which also offers a wide variety of solutions to tackle various healthcare challenges.

Brain Dynamics PTE. LTD.
Funding: Undisclosed Pre-Seed Funding (August 2017)
Investor(s): AIRmaker Singapore

Brain Dynamics provides computer interface technology that aims to help paralysed patients to communicate. The platform works by reading and interpreting a person’s brain signals.

Since August 2017, it has worked with hospitals in Thailand to develop a product that fits various use cases. Incorporated in Singapore, the company started out as an R&D firm in Thailand and has offices in both countries.

Medvine Limited
Funding: US$300,000 in Seed Funding (July 2017)
Investor(s): Santora Nakama

Medvine is a B2B e-commerce platform that aims to connect clinics to suppliers and distributors of disposable medical products and equipment.

CEO Robert Milsom has more than nine years experience in the medical device production and distribution business in Asia. He is joined by Neil Walker and Sakol Assawasgool as co-founders.

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Funding: US$28,000 in Seed Funding (March 2017)
Investor(s): Undisclosed

PlanforFIT is a platform that aims to helps user set and achieve fitness targets. It provides a range of content that includes videos, advice, and products to help them on their way.

Funding: Undisclosed Seed Funding (January 2017)
Investors: Santora Nakama

Through their mobile app, YesMom uses machine learning to deliver personalised and actionable health insights to educate women in Southeast Asia about their health. The platform can also help users identify potential health issues early and offer necessary context to a doctor who can advise them directly via the app.

Medical Departures Inc.
Funding: US$2.5 million in Series A funding (March 2016)
Investor(s): DMP Singapore, CyberAgent Ventures, OPT SEA

Medical Departures Inc. helps medical travellers find and book medical services in 13 different countries at a more affordable price.

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Image Credit: Stage 7 Photography on Unsplash