Mobile App, a Mumbai-based online marketplace for services, has raised an angel round of approximately US$378,000 (Rs. 2.5 Crore) from the Ajmera Group of Companies.

According to a release, the cash will be used to improve the platform’s UX, ramp up marketing efforts and extend the startup’s reach across India.

An online marketplace that lets users browse, compare and book services from local businesses online, Bookmein’s sector offerings include health, beauty, alternate healing, fitness and home services. The portal, which is accessible by desktop and mobile, integrates bookings directly into users’ calendars.

Started in 2014, Bookmein has added over 5,000 service providers since inception and Co-Founder Siddharth Dalal describes the platform to be made up of “a user-facing portal, tightly-integrated promotions and a SaaS-based service business management system.”

This angel round into Bookmein was Ajmera Group’s first deal in the tech space, with their past investments typically in construction, education and energy. A spokesperson for Ajmera said the deal may be the first of many, as the “demand for personal services [has been] increasing rapidly” and they felt online consumption would play a crucial role in this trend.

India’s hyperlocal services space has been teeming with competition, with a number of startups raising funds. Case in point, B2B on-demand hyperlocal logistics startup Pickingo and on-demand hyperlocal delivery startup Shadowfax raised US$1.3 million and US$300,000 earlier this month.

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