Bangalore-based consumer IoT company that makes smart devices in the home and lifestyle space, Witworks today announced that it has raised a seed investment round from Fireside Ventures, Investopad, P39 Capital and a syndicated group of angel investors.

The round was led by Manish Singhal and Kanwaljit Singh from Fireside Ventures, & Rohan Malhotra and Arjun Malhotra from Investopad.

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The group of angels include Anupam Mittal ( Founder), Pranay Jivrajka (COO, Ola Cabs), Maninder Gulati (Chief of Strategy, Oyo), Abhinav Sinha (COO, Oyo Rooms) and top executives from ITC.

The funds will be used for development and launch of Blink, a smartwatch designed to provide access to contextual information and services on-the-go.

“By contextual information/services, we mean a filtered out information that is necessary to be on the wrist, for example a more visually accessible spot as against crowding with all applications similar to a phone. The watch has traditionally been the device to access such key info (read: time) on-the-go, while today that set of information has extended much beyond that,” replied Achita Khare, Head PR and Communications at Witworks, when contacted by e27.

Specifically speaking, the features include:

  • Timeline (i.e. all calendars, to-dos, reminders) synced on a single screen as the central element of the watch so that it shows you contextually relevant info when you take a glance at it
  • Fitness/Activity information
  • Payments Authentication
  • Media (home/car infotainment) Control
  • Navigation (Maps prompt while driving a 2 /4 – wheeler)
  • Local discovery/calling (GPS based for restaurants, services, cabs) with a single tap

With their own voice-enabled operating system called Marvin OS (based on Android), the Witworks team looks to have a seamless integration of hardware and software.

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“Wearables, especially watches, are at a very interesting stage at this point in time. The technology is in place, and there’s enough eagerness amongst consumers. But the lack of relevant use-cases, ease of interaction and genuine design-empathy have prevented them from taking off. With a blend of technology and design, we are looking to solve that and make smart-wearables ubiquitous,” said Somnath Meher, Co-Founder & CEO of Witworks, in a press statement.

Previously, Witworks has successfully designed, manufactured, and launched a simple innovative solution for earphone entanglement called Rewind of which 40,000 units has already been sold.