Indogen Capital, a Southeast Asia Venture Capital (VC) firm that’s based in Jakarta, revealed today its target to invest in 10 startups this year.

Officially operating since 2016, the VC firm has invested in 15 startups. Three among the investments made by the VC have exited. They are Spacemob which was acquired by WeWork, Clearbridge Health IPOed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, and AINO which was partially acquired by TIS Corp.

“In 2018, we invested in 10 companies. Aside from targeting 10 more investments in 2019, we expect two more exits by 2020,” said Hendry Willy, Partner of Indogen Capital in Jakarta.

Indogen Capital said that the company didn’t have preference on sector, and it showed in the various sectors it has invested in — ranging from fintech, marketplace, ecommerce, retail, and real estate. The only takeaway is most companies the VC chose are post-seed stage companies.

“We always look at the entrepreneur, the market, and the exit potential. We want to understand where the entrepreneurs are coming from until we have a clear line of sight to their exit strategies. Once we do, we will work alongside them to realize those opportunities. Our partners and I were entrepreneurs ourselves, that’s why we enjoy building businesses to achieve the vision and financial returns together with fellow entrepreneurs,” said Benny Tjia, Principal of the firm.

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The VC’s portfolio companies include Fundpark (Series A), Carsome (Series B), GoWork (Series A), Kofera (Series A), Fastwork (Series A), AhliJasa (Pre-Series A), Lunadorii (Series B), Hijup (Pre-Series A), Travelio (Series A), Recactus (Seed), Sonicboom (Seed), Aino (Series C), and Venteny (Series B).

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Image Credit: Indogen Capital