Image credit: TouchTen Games

Image credit: TouchTen Games

Not many mobile game developers in Southeast Asia have enjoyed the levels of success that Jakarta-based TouchTen Games has. Forbes named it one of Indonesia’s 20 Rising Global Stars, and its 20 titles to date have totalled over 10 million downloads, with four being featured on Google Play’s homepage and sub-categories (Infinite Sky, Train Legend, Cute Kill and Ramen Chain).

Now, the developer has announced a US$10,000 Kickstarter campaign for its latest title, Target Acquired, that goes live at 5 PM today (GMT+7) Indonesia time. The campaign’s official preview page — which e27 has been given access to — describes it as a ‘side-scrolling endless running adventure with an action-packed 3D platform run-and-gun twist: Picture Mega Man meets Temple Run’.

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“With normal side-running games, you just avoid obstacles, but with this, you shoot like Mega Man and — if you hold down buttons — actually charge so that you have bigger power-up shots. Also, the bosses will be true to Mega Man bosses with all the elements and excitement of facing a boss. We are trying to combine all these elements, which I don’t think any other games have done so far,” said Anton Soeharyo, CEO, TouchTen Games, in an interview with e27.

“We don’t just want to make a game, we want to attempt to make a universe of the game itself. So we have some rewards such as an actual gun replica for the high-end backers. There’s also a mini-statue. It’s our first time to engage with such a huge crowd like Kickstarter, and we want people to be able to give us suggestions, as well as to be able to become an in-game cameo,” he added. In fact, the Target Acquired Kickstarter is offering a whole range of rewards for backers, from US$5 pledges right through to US$5,000 and over.

Temple Acquried

Target Acquired

“We are engaging with a friend of mine, former Square Enix Indonesia CEO, Ryo Teruya (to help in the design of Target Acquired). As many people who have worked with the Japanese know, they are super professional, and whatever they do, they put in all they have,” he said. TouchTen is also working with Mega Man legend Manami Matsumae, who is composing the musical score for Target Acquired, in what the studio describes as a ‘throwback to the retro and classic games we all love’.

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“We just got funded this year, and making a game is always costly. I wouldn’t say this is going to be one of the most expensive titles, but it will be one of the most time-consuming in terms of us putting in all our passion and knowledge,” Soeharyo said, adding that Target Acquired has already been in development for five months at the time of the Kickstarter launch. By the time it is ready for release, it will have taken about one year to complete.

“We started in 2009, and have been mobile-focussed since day one — since the birth of the iOS App Store. At that time, there was no Google Play or Android. Now we are on both platforms… Infinite Sky has had over 3.2 million downloads, and Ramen Chain topped the ranks in Southeast Asia… Now we are challenging ourselves to bring classic gameplay with a modern twist for the smartphone era with Target Acquired,” he said.

Soeharyo doesn’t see the main character — a ‘cat girl’ — as appealing specifically to Asian gamers. “We were not aware of that when we made it, we just think it’s cute!”

TouchTen Games has previously raised an undisclosed amount of funding from CyberAgent Ventures and TMS Entertainment, one of Japan’s most venerable animation studios, but says it is not focussed on pursuing more funding at present. It wants to focus on the day-to-day elements of game development. “We are talking to a few investors, but fundraising is a full-time job that usually takes six months to one year to complete,” he added.

Here are some fun gallery images and Target Acquired memes.

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