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The government seems to be taking extra care of the national tech industry lately. According to the latest reports, the Ministry of Industry is even preparing Rp 30 billion (an estimated US$2.13 million) and a roadmap to boost the local gaming industry.

The government’s willingness to optimise the industry is reflected in the points of discussion between the Association of Electronic Sports Indonesia (IeSPA), the Ministry of Industry and the Association of Game Indonesia (AGI).

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“We (the Ministry of Industry) have Rp 30 billion (US$2.13 million) in hand. Please make a proper proposal on what we can do for this industry,” said Ignatius Warsito, the Director of Electronics and Telematics Industry, in the discussion.

Although it has the resources, the Ministry admitted that it currently has no fixed plan to scale up the industry. Warsito claimed that it is expecting input from players in the local gaming industry, with the objective of producing high-quality games, and eventually catch up with other countries’ productions.

Laying out a roadmap

While it has no concrete plans to ramp up local games development, the government is preparing the ground for it.

According to a report by Indotelko last week, Warsito stated that the Ministry is currently drawing up a roadmap to optimise the local gaming industry. He claimed that the roadmap is initiated by the Ministry of Industry and AGI, and that it would be passed on to other ministries for their input.

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The roadmap will consist of a number of points, including regulation harmonisation, standardisation, technology, marketing and facilities. The construction of the plan will be a joint effort between the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Communication and Information, National Creative Agency and the Ministry of Research and Technology.

The government also plans on applying the National Working Competence Standard (SKNNI) on the national gaming industry to let local developers get certified.

“We want to have professional and globally acknowledged players in (the) local gaming industry,” Warsito concluded.

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