An alumni of the HATCH Aquaculture accelerator program, Jala Tech aims to disrupt the shrimp industry in Southeast Asia. It has secured seed funding led by 500 Startups and complemented by Conservation International Ventures as well as Hatch Accelerator Holding. The current investment round will enable them to enter the Indonesian market as an early adopter and fund the development process of the products.

An Echelon 2018 qualifier, Jala’s CEO Liris Maduningtyas is committed to changing Indonesian farmers’ operations and create a data-driven shrimp industry. Their current product covers aspects of hardware and software services for shrimp farmers to monitor and make better decisions based on data-driven insights. While JALA’s core market is currently shrimp, their device is applicable for all types of water monitoring systems and treatment plants, including smart city water management.

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While the shrimp industry covers the US$24 billion yearly revenue, it is only a part of the US$160 billion revenue of the entire aquaculture industry. Diversifying their product is one of the next steps, as well as looking into expanding into the wastewater treatment and monitoring space for human consumption, potentially yielding a worldwide market of Jala smart devices controlling city water distribution and monitoring various quality aspects.

Khailee Ng, Managing Partner of 500 Startups, said: “Everyone knows about the booming middle class, especially here in Indonesia. They are booming faster than our farmers can feed them. This is why we invested in leading agri-tech startups like Jala. We need to leverage technology to 100X the productivity of existing farmers to feed the world.”

Image credit: Unsplash