From the left - Willson Cuaca (East Ventures), Erwin Santoso (Flock Creative Director), Ivan Hady Wibowo (Flock CEO)

From the left – Willson Cuaca (East Ventures), Erwin Santoso (Flock Creative Director), Ivan Hady Wibowo (Flock CEO)

Jakarta­-based full­-service creative agency Flock today announced that it has closed a round of seed funding of an undisclosed amount from local venture capital firm East Ventures.

East Ventures claims it will help Flock navigate Indonesia’s digital startup world in an effort to help the firm find a growing niche to champion. The VC also hopes Flock can help early-­stage web ventures grow faster than they ordinarily would in the archipelago.

Flock focuses on the convergence of above-­the-line (ATL) and below-­the-­line (BTL) creative advertising and marketing services, including video content creation and influencer strategies.

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ATL refers to advertising and promotion executions that take place via mainstream media. BTL, on the other hand, can be used to describe an ad or marketing strategy in which a product is promoted on less traditional mediums.

These mediums can include, but are not limited to viral videos, email campaigns, influencer activities, and social media hustling.

According to Flock CEO Ivan Hady Wibowo, the firm is starting in Jakarta as a traditional agency but will roll out various tech offerings, including a collaborative “content production nest” for video, and an automated influencer marketing platform by next year.

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“I think the way we will benefit local startups is not so much about our technology, but instead the opportunity for them to have someone orchestrating the collaborative marketing effort between their companies and established brands or key opinion leaders. Most of the startups need brand awareness with a limited budget. With someone taking care of the collaboration effort, we can make it cost-effective,” said Wibowo in a press statement.

Flock has a handful of clients in Indonesia, namely C2C e-commerce platform Tokopedia, one of the nation’s largest and most well-known tech companies.

East Ventures has five offices in Singapore, Jakarta, Tokyo, and San Francisco, with its global team having invested in hundreds of companies across Asia and the US.