This week has been a heavy one for Indonesia’s fashion e-commerce industry. After SaleStock laid off  “hundreds” of its employees on Thursday, Berrybenka today confirmed speculations that the company has let go some of its employees.

The first rumours showed up in several social media platforms on Thursday, and today, Berrybenka CEO Jason Lamuda finally spoke up.

“We did have a small, minor lay-off,” he wrote in an e-mail to e27. “But it’s not significant.”

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Lamuda did not give the exact number — and the designation — of the employees being let go; he also did not comment on the reason for the lay-off.

When we asked about the company’s plan for its next move, Lamuda answered, “Our plan remains the same: keep our healthy growth and further boost profitability.”

In January, the company revealed to the media its plan to expand locally within the Indonesian market, with a stronger incorporation of O2O as a key strategy. While Jakarta and other cities in the Java island remain its core target market, Berrybenka also cited Medan, Manado, and Makassar as its focus for 2016. It hosted pop-up stores and bazaars in various cities to promote their presence.

Berrybenka raised a US$5 million Series B round led by GREE Ventures in 2013.