Blogging isn’t dead. If anything, it has morphed into micro-blogging services and platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Facebook. But while these mainstream platforms seem to be gaining traction with increasing smartphone penetration throughout the world, a small network of 70 million registered users is growing quietly in Southeast Asia.

Once focused on feature phones, mig33, a Singapore-based social platform, launched their mini-blog six months ago. This shift also saw them venturing over to smartphones, capturing the market as it grows. Today, the company announced that it has hit several key engagement milestones.

According to the press release, celebrities on the platform have built a larger following than that of their accounts on popular social networks. For instance, popular Indonesian singer Shae has 61,887 followers on mig33 — a whopping three times more than what she has on Twitter. Radio station, Prambors, has 468,820 followers on mig33. That’s three times as many fans they have on Facebook.

While Twitter restricts tweets to 140 characters, mig33 offers up to 300 characters. The platform also stated that “the communications style of the mini-blog is more conversational compared with other micro-blogging services.” Users can interact in ways similar to other popular networking sites, with tools like commenting, replying, marking favorites and re-posting.

Steven Goh, CEO and co-founder of mig33, added that the shift to a more conversation style of a mini-blog alongside a new website and brand identity was to differentiate the company as a “social entertainment service for the rest of Asia.” He added:

“We will further build out the mini-blog within our website as that’s where community builders and moderators primarily reside, along with where audiences in social are being disrupted right now. A build for mobile will follow.”

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