Back in November we reported that Daily Social, the Indonesian startup news blog had picked up an investor in the form of Merah Putih Inc. A brand new incubator headed by Antonny Liem and Herman Kwok, both currently executives at local communications company Klix Digital. On Thursday, the incubator made its public announcement at Hard Rock Cafe in central Jakarta.

Merah Putih Inc., (the Inc. stands for incubator, not incorporated) which translates to Red and White in Indonesian, will be providing seed funding, physical space, mentorship and infrastructural support to some of Indonesia startups.

Founders of this incubator are executives from the branding and advertising companies belonging to the Merah Cipta Media group. The executive team consists of Danny Wirianto (CMO of Kaskus, Founder of SemutApi Colony), Antonny Liem (Managing Director of KlixDigital, COO of Merah Cipta Media), Herman Kwok (Director at SemutApi Colony) and David Wayne (CEO of LintasBerita)

In a statement released by Merah Putih Inc, Wirianto said, “We want to make sure that our fellow startups have the support they need and ecosystem to grow their companies and not only in terms of finance or investment, moreover in mentoring, advice from business point of view, revenue model, and marketing.”

When asked about the investment range, senior VP of Merah Putih Inc., Wayne said, “It really depends on the startups, where they’re at, and what they are aiming for in short, medium, and long term. Though now it’s too early to reveal the nominal, I’d say the range investment is pretty similar with the other start ups investment in the country.”

The incubator will focus on four main verticals — Community base, e-commerce, mobile platform and games.

Merah Putih Inc. has already invested in 6 companies, namely:

Dailysocial: Indonesian tech blog
Krazymarket : Online marketplace and was also part of echelon 2010
LintasBerita: Indonesian language social aggregator and bookmarking service.
Ads On It: Social media ad network
Info Kost: Online listing directory
Bolalob: Indonesia’s soccer news portal

First of its kind, Merah Putih Inc. wants to grow and support the Indonesian startup ecosystem and provide a conducive environment for innovators and developers through such initiatives. With the likes of Eduardo Saverin and other investors showing keen interest in Indonesia, we can look forward to more startup-related activities in the country.