The boom of mobile in Asia has made a noticeable and tangible impact on the startup scene in the region.

E-commerce platforms now think ‘mobile first’, mobile payment solutions are coming whether banks like it or not and the growth of ride-hailing apps has forced many countries to regulate the industry.

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We all know phones are popular, but what are the numbers?

Waiwai Marketing used data collected from Facebook to create an approximation of the number of mobile phones in Southeast Asia in Q2 2015.

Much of the data confirms expectations: Indonesia leads the region in pure numbers but Singapore has a high penetration rate.

The company also broke down Android usage against that of Apple iOS. Android is the clear winner, consistently taking two thirds of market share.

This could be attributed to how Android is adaptable to cheaper phones. Apple iOS, obviously, can only be found on one brand.

Below is the full infographic:

WaiWai - Final

FINAL Pie Chart