Creative jobs

Forget the heavy-bearded hipsters in oversized glasses and ironic vintage t-shirts. The digital job industry has given rise to a funkier new term — “Yuccies” short for “Young Urban Creatives.

Yuccies are essentially the cultural spawn of Yuppies and Hipsters; meaning that while they are creative and trendy, they also like to pursue money and profitability instead of wasting away in their parents’ garage, writing a spinoff of The Great Gatsby.

Yuccies are also Internet-savvy and gravitate towards online creative jobs, giving them more leeway and freedom to dictate their lifestyle and working habits. conducted a study of 370,901 jobs on its online jobs platform, and discovered that the job sectors favoured by Yuccies are growing steadily. From Q2 to Q3 2015, photography jobs have increased by 13 per cent, while video production services have gone up by 18.6 per cent.

Microsoft playing catch up and the decline of Facebook jobs

The findings — displayed in an infographic released this week — indicated that Microsoft is increasing its presence in the online job market. Windows Desktop Projects have gone up 62.7 per cent to 2,121 jobs since the last quarter. In the same period, Microsoft Word projects have also grown by 29.3 per cent to 3,455 jobs.

Meanwhile, on the social media front, brands on Facebook are experiencing a sharp drop in organic reach — a 49 per cent drop from October 2013. This has resulted in a decline of Facebook marketing jobs by 12.9 per cent.

Visual-heavy social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are still growing healthily, experiencing a growth in jobs by 9.9 per cent and 6.2 per cent respectively.

Here is the full infographic.

freelancer infographic