Scoop, a free reader app for iOS, Android and Windows phones, recently published an infographic showcasing its user profile in Indonesia. Considering it has 1.5 million downloads, it will be safe to say that to some extent the infographic depicts the e-publishing landscape of the country and the citizens’ reading habits.

Developed by Indonesia-based Apps Foundry, the platform carries 650 magazines, 10,000 books, and 55 newspapers.

Scoop has a large portion of male users – 79 per cent of its total base to be precise, highlights the infographic. It also reveals that “most of its users live in major cities, are early adopters, enjoy travelling, are internet-savvy, and have high-mobility”.

Apple rules the roost

Seventy per cent of its users are adopters of the iOS platform or Apple devices, while 30 per cent belong to the Android camp. It is important to note here that 60 per cent of the smartphone market in Indonesia belonged to Android in 2013; so the high penetration in iOS users means that the e-reader is a hit among fans that use other devices such as iPad and iPod Touch, along with iPhone users.

Among iOS devices, 51 per cent of adopters engage the app via their iPads, 46 per cent of them via iPhone and a meagre two per cent through iPod Touch. Coming to Android users of Scoop, 68 per cent of them engage via Samsung devices, with two per cent on Sony Ericsson, another two per cent on Smartfren, whereas 28 per cent on other devices.

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The infographic profiles the reading habits of Indonesian users on Scoop. For example, most magazine readers can be found downloading their glossy issues from 7 PM to 12 AM, and reading them from 9 PM to 11 PM. Their newspaper-loving counterparts, however, are more active in the morning; they can be found downloading and reading publications from 6 AM to 8 AM.

The fan following for Jobs

Furthermore, it revealed the top paid and free magazine titles, books and newspapers from Indonesia. In the bestselling book category, Steve Jobs’s authorised biography written by Walter Isaacson came in top, followed by Syukur Tiada Akhir: Jejak Langkah Jakob Oetama – a biography of Jakob Oetama, the owner of Kompas Group.

For the record, Scoop received US$2.42M in funding in April 2013 from Indonesia-based Kompas Gramedia through its Digital Group’s subsidiary, PT Gramedia Digital.


Infographic credit: Scoop

Lead/Featured image credit: Kzenon / Shutterstock