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These days, we’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use a messaging app or two; the convenience — sometimes annoyance — of group chats, the ease of sending photos, even online payments, instant messaging apps have got us hooked.

According to social media agency KRDS, of the world’s top 10 instant messaging apps, WhatsApp and WeChat have captured the first and second spots respectively.

In 2013, WeChat actually took the top spot with 600 million registered users, while WhatsApp followed with 590 million. Fast forward to 2015, WhatsApp has surpassed WeChat’s 468 million active users, with 700 million of its own, which brings the total user base of both apps to over one billion.

The infographic below gives a side by side comparison of the two leading apps, detailing marketing strategies and user behaviour.

For example, 60 per cent of WeChat users log into more that 10 times a day, whereas WhatsApp users clock in more than twice the number, opening the app 23 times a day, spending an average of 35 mins on it.

The infographic also brings attention to the key difference in the marketing strategies of the two apps; WeChat provides two ad formats, moment ads and banners ads for advertisers, and has worked with brands such as Nike and Starbucks, whereas Whatsapp is marketed as strictly for private use, with no marketing avenues available presently.

Here is the infographic:

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