When more women work, economies grow and an increase in the female labour force results in faster economic growth. While this statement is supported by figures as well as visible economic and industry gains, women are still facing barriers in the workplace – pay gap, gender bias, and shortage of women role models among other things. And yes, that includes women in tech.

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The tech industry has been visibly inclusive, with some of the giants headed by women, and has shown an upward trend of women participation.  But how are they faring, really? Here’s a quick visual:

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With women entrepreneurs reported as having higher annual sales and businesses with female executive team members being more likely have higher valuations in both first and last funding rounds, startups and the tech industry are striving to be more inclusive.

This, of course, is compounded by the fact that not only do women constitute half of the total world population but also because they make up 85 per cent of consumer purchases. Alienate the women, and you alienate a wealth of insights and innovation into a very large part of the market.