The original game in its masochistic glory.

We’re positive that a whole number of smartphone app users at least experienced the pipe-filled dodging action of Flappy Bird, created by Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen. It’s apparently making a tentative comeback in August, albeit in a tweaked-up form.

A post on Techcrunch stated that the Vietnamese developer told CNBC Closing Bell correspondent Kelly Evans about the re-release. The game will have multiplayer and will be ‘less addictive’.

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The original game was simplistic in nature and had that ‘one more try’ design that keeps players going.  It’ll be interesting to see if Nguyen will include a mode where more than one bird controlled by different players race until the last bird is standing. Or perhaps a mode where two players control one Flappy Bird and have to get far by tapping their respective phone screens in tandem. The possibilities are numerous.

A brief history on Flappy Bird: the game earned traction after eight months since its release on May 24, 2013. This is possibly due to its addictive nature and its 8-bit art homage to Nintendo games back then. Nguyen pulled it off of the iOS App Store because people harassed him online on numerous occasions for the game being too addictive and being a supposed rip-off of existing 8-bit games.