In today’s world of instant information and accelerating technological advancement comes significant changes in the way people live. Technology and innovation has shifted not just habits, but has also changed expectations of how people want to experience things.

It is because of this that the SoftBank Innovation Program has turned its focus on innovation that make experiences better, whether it’s about how we work, learn, or generally live.

Happiness for everyone

On its third round, the SoftBank Innovation Program focusses on solutions that make people happier. Specifically, they are looking for innovative startups and entrepreneurs offering AI as a Service, EdTech, Smart Home, AR/VR, or a disruptor that offers an entirely new service.

The program is seeking startups that provide new opportunities for learning, offer services that make indoor spaces more comfortable and positive, have developed new uses for artificial intelligence, have incorporated AR/VR into new services, or are developing new services that change the way people experience work and life.

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Startups chosen for the program will gain access to SoftBank’s resources and assets to further develop their solution, expand their business opportunities, and launch to market.

“We support them with our wide network of varied businesses throughout the world.”

What sets the SoftBank Innovation Program from other programs is their commitment to developing the solutions. The program will cover the costs for developing the prototypes, and will provide its channels and customers as a testing environment.

There is no rigid schedule, as the program is tailor fitted to the needs of the startups, with the process lasting between 7 to 12 months depending on the readiness of the product for commercialisation.

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Furthermore, starting with this round, SoftBank is considering investing in applicant companies. As the innovation arm of Japanese telecommunication and internet carrier SoftBank Corp., the program provides startups with the platform to access the Japanese market through SoftBank’s large user base in the country, as well as utilise the telecom giant’s global network.

With the aim of creating new value by combining the solutions of other companies with SoftBank’s own resources, the program provides funding for prototype development, environments for testing, and other forms of support.

“ASEAN is becoming the innovation hub of the world, and SoftBank wants to support promising startups in the region.”

The SoftBank Innovation Program is accepting applications until January 16, 2018. Interested applicants from anywhere in the world can apply here.


Disclosure: This article was produced by the e27 content marketing team, sponsored by SoftBank