Insync introduces mobile file syncing and sharing

For those who are unfamiliar with Insync, Insync is a cross platform web app which allows you to sync and share your folders between computers, very much like Google Drive.

By Jacky Yap

Insync exhibited at Echelon 2010 and has been featured on blogs such as Techcrunch, The Next Web, Wall Streets Journal and Lifehacker, among others. So now that the hype with Google Drive is over, and much has been written about it, what is Insync doing?

e27 has always been interested to watch the next move of Insync, since they have long been challenging big players  in the space like Dropbox and Google. End last year, Insync went head to head with Dropbox telling its users that it’s ok to cheat on Dropbox. With the launch of Google Drive, Insync has now positioned itself as a Google Drive for power and businesses users.

What does the positioning mean? For average consumers who relies on Google Docs a lot on one specific account, Google Drive would likely suffice. However, if you are a heavy user of online documents, Insync points out some of these shortcomings in its blogpost mentioning some of the things you can do with Insync that you cannot do with Google Drive:

Moving forward, Insync will also be coming to your mobile. Whether you are a iPhone, Android, Windows or BlackBerry user, Insync will be available to everyone in a few weeks, with no particular preference to any platform. Terence Pua, cofounder of Insync shared that the team of six is currently working hard to build the Insync’s native apps for all the platforms. This is an amazing feat considering the fact that the team is only a 6-man team and the amount of features they have been releasing in just a short period of time.

The Insync team has garnered quite a huge support from its users, judging from the comments from its blog. We also found out from Terence that Insync has been growing organically and its user acquisition cost is almost non existent as there has not been any marketing done to promote Insync.

As an Insync user myself, I wouldnt be surprised if Google would just acquire Insync and integrate all its amazing features into Google Drive, which seems lacking to me as compared to Insync.

Insync was gracious enough to provide us with the latest screenshots of its mobile apps, and do stay tune as e27 continues to bring more updates of Insync to you.

Photo: Insync on Android

Photo: Insync on Windows Phone

Photo: Insync on BlackBerry

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