Meet the Fumo: a bin shaped like a pole that lets you dispose of cigarette butts, created by a Netherlands startup design agency called Ioglo. The kicker is that it rewards its users with lights and sound. These range from a choreographed light show with a funky dance jingle to a Homer Simpson sound quote.

Seeing as the smoking habit of people isn’t going away in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia, will it make some form of appearance in the region? “In a way, it is,” said Ioglo’s Creative Coding and Electronics handler Mikail Pehlivan.” The Fumo will be at this year’s Red Dot Award show, a Singapore-based competition that rewards design concepts worldwide.

“Two days ago,” Pehlivan added, “we got news that our work has been shortlisted for final judging. This means it will be presented to the jury for a final assessment in Singapore to decide if it will win a Red Dot.” The awards show result will also decide on whether Ioglo will release Fumo bins in the region or not.

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The Fumo was created so that people would be aware about the Netherlands’ habit of littering cigarettes. Ioglo’s Industrial Designs and Public Relations guy Raymond Reints wondered, “Why is there a growing sense of awareness when it comes to garbage, while cigarette litter is still unaddressed?”

How does it work?
The device uses an ultrasonic sensor that detects the butt being thrown from the top part of the pole that looks down at the bin. “We first implemented a motion sensor,” said Reints via Wired, “but soon discovered that smoke was registered as ‘motion’.” The team admitted that the project’s biggest challenge was getting people’s attention to the smoke pole. The solution was to create an ‘attract mode’ like arcade machines, where the pole displays dancing lights for a second to pique the curiosity of passers-by.

When it comes to bringing the Fumo concept outside of the country, specifically in Southeast Asia, Pehlivan said to e27 that the bin is custom-made for each specific context to get the desired impact on a location. “We believe Fumo needs custom shape/color/sounds for each location/context.”