We are already on iTunes and over the coming week will migrate to all the famous Podcast players. Come find us, subscribe, and give us a rating. That is easily the best way to help this project get off the ground. 

When I first decided to take the swing and pursue journalism as a career path, my inspiration was fairly obvious; I wanted to get into radio.

My heroes were (and still are) Audie Cornish, Sam Sanders and Bill Simmons. With the exception of the true radio-nerds, all of these people could walk into a room without anyone blinking an eye.

These days, as I have grown into a text-first role, radio still remains an important part of my life — or more specifically, Podcasts. Between news, sports, entertainment and audiobooks, I would estimate my average listening time is over four hours per day.

I love podcasts.

They can be funny, important, tragic and informative. The good ones are all of the above.

The best thing about Podcasts is the industry is still very much in Wild West phase. There is no consensus on “what makes a good Podcast” and every two months an experimental idea blows up and transforms expectations for the industry.

That is why I am honoured to announce the launch of the e27 Podcast Network.

What is the goal

The goal of e27 Podcasts is to create an ecosystem of interviews, news and fantastic content whereby multiple shows are being distributed under the same umbrella.

The model being followed is that of Slate and The Ringer. What they have accomplished is a diversified media channel so people can be real fans of the product, no matter if it comes via text or audio.

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The Ringer is especially interesting. The website is only a couple of years old and unlike traditional media, the website was built on the foundation of Podcasts (usually it’s the opposite). People came for Bill Simmons — they stayed for the articles.

Can you participate?

Yes! (Shhhhhh….that’s actually the main point of this article). We kickstarted the project yesterday with our ‘The Story of You‘ show, but our team is small (AKA, me).

So what we really need is creativity from the community. If you have ever wanted to start a Podcast, you already run a podcast, or your just generally curious about the project, shoot me an email at [email protected] (Pro Tip: that’s also a great place to send article pitches and news updates).

What about advertising?

Podcasts are a particularly fantastic place to advertise. Why? Because people tend to pay close attention to the ads.

A lot of folks have banner-blindness (I do) and don’t even website ads. Television marketing is fine, but a lot people use the commercial break as an opportunity to go to the restroom or grab a drink.

The thing about Podcasts is when someone is listening to a show, if they want to skip an ad, they need to reach into their pocket, unlock the phone, find the app and click the fast forward button. By the time they have done that, the advertisement is probably over.

So, most listeners just listen through the advertisement. In terms of finding a captive audience, it doesn’t get much better.

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For companies interested, they can reach out to our team at [email protected]

What’s next?

We want to hear from you. What do you want to hear? What coverage is missing from the Southeast Asia tech scene? Do you want interviews? Analysis? Entertainment?

This is the early stage of the project, which means it can become whatever we decide. Let us know (either via email or the discussions feature below) and we will try to adjust accordingly.

As always, many thanks to the startup ecosystem for the constant support. e27 would not be anything without you!