Get ready to hear some gold.

It might have been episode four, but Jay Kim, the host of Asia’s newest entrepreneurship podcast (called The Jay Kim Show), may have stumbled into his new catch phrase.

The Hong Kong-based self-described investor, author and fitness entrepreneur is bringin’ it with an awesome guest list in the coming months and e27 will be syndicating the episodes over the coming months.

Kim dropped the first five episodes Netflix-style, and most of them are interviews with Asian entrepreneurs talking about Asia’s issues.

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However, when a new podcast gets an opportunity to interview the one-and-only Gary Vaynerchuk, the hosts and producer jump on the opportunity.

So sit back, relax (or go for a jog) and listen to a wide-ranging interview with Vaynerchuk covering various topics.

Show notes are below.

  • (2:20) Why Gary is so excited about Asia
  • (4:10) How Gary’s parents built their American dream
  • (4:22) Entrepreneurial beginnings with lemonade stands and baseball cards
  • (8:25) How a single episode in the early days of Wine Library TV put Gary on the map
  • (11:00) How to find the right balance between balance family life and business
  • (14:00) Gary’s secret fitness accelerator that he runs in house
  • (14:50) What is the current state of entrepreneurship right now and will they be a day of reckoning for people selling get rich quick schemes online
  • (18:30) Where Gary thinks the attention be in 2017
  • (18:45) Gary’s views on WeChat
  • (21:25) The building block that Gary will use for his global expansion
  • (23:00) The single most important trait to becoming a successful entrepreneur