Growth & Innovation Lab

Growth & Innovation Lab

G&I LAB is a model of innovative consultancy offering a comprehensive solution to entrepreneurs and companies in early phase for access to strategic sources of capitalization.

About Growth & Innovation Lab

Growth & Innovation Lab: The fund provides a exclusive “local area lab” (idea’s fund supplier), looking for distinctive innovative & potentially profitable projects, due to a self-developed methodology that identifies & quantifies potential areas of growth & innovation.

Selective Acquisitions: Due to the PPM definition, the fund is aimed to potential investors with a deep concern and knowledge of both the fund partners and the distinctive methodology applied. Moreover the commitment amount must never represent over a 5% of their liquid assets (min commitment of 250.000 USD)

Professional Administration: As described in the PPM (Private Place Memorandum), we have designed a very unique workflow to ensure professionalism & objectiveness in the fund portfolio management.

Hands on philosophy: G&I fund is an active partner with a deep implication in 3 main stages:

Pre start-up / start-up stage: In this stage we ensure to build a strong business plan & management team
Early Stage: During the first 18 months of operation or till Break Even Point is reached we are part of the crew
Sustainable Growth: After Break Even Point our implication implies a quarterly due diligence for growth & innovation optimization.


Carlos García
Carlos García Director Jan, 2008 - Present