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Moat Ventures

Moat Ventures

Moat Ventures only invests using in-house capital. We invest in angel and seed rounds in early stage companies, but most prefer acquiring or partnering with small businesses for longterm profitability

About Moat Ventures

We tend to do things a bit differently from traditional VC's. While many VC funded startups are encouraged to focus solely on growth metrics, with revenue and profitability taking a backseat, we prefer to focus on building sustainable longterm companies from the start. Neither method is better, it's just what we prefer (and are better at).

All of our capital is internal, meaning that we don't have to raise funds from LP's. This creates unique opportunities, as it removes the burden of timeframes from our equation. We are focused on the longterm, and aim for successful longterm partnerships.

About 20% of our capital is used in funding pre-seed and seed rounds, the other 80% is dedicated to acquiring or partnering with sustainable small businesses dedicated to longterm success. In our ideal situation, our ideal holding time for a company is "forever".