Ripples Asia Venture

Ripples Asia Venture

Investment selection criteria:
1. People: Characteristic of Founder (values, ethics & drive)
2. Purpose: Synergistic (mutually rewarding, in the e-commerce industry)
3. Percentage: Minority Stake

About Ripples Asia Venture

Ripples is an independent B2B online marketplace focusing on home entertainment software, peripherals, gadgets, and toys.

Ripples’ web based information system empowers buyers and sellers to communicate and transact efficiently in the gaming industry.

Problem #1 - Inefficient Supply Chain
- Inefficiencies in trade
- Inaccurate sales forecasting
- Limited access to more and higher quality products
- Unable to compete with e-commerce
- Unable to stay relevant with the rising popularity of digital games

Problem #2 - Fragmented Games Market

- Publishers face difficulties reaching Asian markets
- Retailers receive lacking support from brand owners
- Distributors are gatekeepers and are inefficient
- Lack of central marketplace

Our Solution
- Unique and proprietary independent e-marketplace and backend system that allow thousands of sellers and buyers to secure firm forecasts & sales orders
- Act as an enabler for all parties to grow and strengthen the supply chain
- Aggregate and grow a connected retail network in Asia
- Transform retailers by providing them digital distribution capabilities