Transcosmos in a one-stop ecommerce in Asia, your gateway to the Asian ecommerce market.

About Transcosmos

Global leader with over 45 years experience in outsourced services. transcosmos has earned several awards including "Global Outsourcing 100 Leaders" awarded by IAOP 3 years running. Over 800 clients worldwide.

They are strategically focused on providing one-stop next generation business outsourcing services: E-Commerce development, sales promotion, customer support and fulfillment. transcosmos has 102 operating centers across 14 countries, supporting 23 languages. It’s solutions cover 31 countries, including Japan, China, Korea, North America, Western Europe, and the ASEAN region.

Transcosmos Investments & Business Development, Inc., is a strategic corporate investor and an active local business partner for Internet-based U.S. technology companies expanding into the Japanese and Asian marketplace.

It is offering capitalization of joint ventures, infrastructure development, strategic relationships, and localization to companies in the U.S. technology sector. Transcosmos Investments' portfolios, which focus on companies specializing in digital marketing, e-commerce and digital media, include such brand names as, DoubleClick Inc., RealNetworks Inc., NetRatings Inc., Atom/Shockwave Entertainment, Inc., Become, Inc., Pheedo, Inc. and Brightcove, Inc.

Previous Investments

Round: Venture Round
Round Size: -
Date: May, 2017
Round: Series B
Round Size: -
Date: Nov, 2015
Round: Series C
Round Size: $3M
Date: May, 2014
Round: Series B
Round Size: $7M
Date: Apr, 2014
Round: Series C
Round Size: $10M
Date: Mar, 2014
Round: Series B
Round Size: $5M
Date: Nov, 2013