Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila

When it comes to brilliant startup ideas, you need to be surrounded by the right people in order to truly launch your vision.

This is why as we inch closer to the Echelon Asia Summit this coming May, what better way to start your Echelon experience than by doing just that: surrounding yourself with other startup founders, potential partners, prospect investors, and more?

In order to warm Filipino startup founders up before the Echelon Asia Summit, we’re bringing the Echelon experience sooner and closer through the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila!

At the roadshow event, startup founders don’t only get to listen to some of the best and the brightest in the startup ecosystem as they share key business insights. You also get to immerse in the startup community, opening up opportunities to meet the right people who can help scale your startup business to greater heights!

More importantly, the event will be the perfect chance for you to WOW people with your brilliant startup idea—hopefully leading to better opportunities for your startup in the future!

Not only do you get to put your startup under the spotlight, but you can also catch your country’s reps to the TOP 100 and see how they’re concocting their success—all under the pristine tropical sun of the lush archipelago. It’s truly more fun in the Philippines!

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The Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila is part of a series of international stops leading up to the annual Echelon Asia Summit happening in May. It is happening on 21 March, 2019, from 5pm to 9pm at the WeWork Uptown Bonifacio Tower, Manila.

RSVP to the Roadshow is free, so if you want to score insights on Southeast Asian tech, and more—grab your tickets now!

Tickets are running out fast so visit the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Manila page here to find out more details!