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Regional e-commerce service provider aCommerce has published an infographic detailing data from Japanese chat app LINE with regard to flash sales organised. This is part of its Mobile Commerce Case Study today with LINE to study smartphone users in Thailand.

According to the infographic, which is a look into hot trends and insights in the Thai e-commerce market, LINE’s flash sale launch in mid-December saw eight sales events take place, with one occurring every week for two months. Out of 5.5 million smartphone users in Thailand, there are actually 22 million users of LINE, which goes to show that many users have the app installed on multiple devices, including laptops and PCs.

The official statement also noted that the flash sales saw big brands such as Maybelline and Kiehl’s participate, reaching out to mobile users with new products or discounts.

Tom Srivorakul, CEO, aCommerce said, “One of the benefits of working with an end-to-end solutions provider like aCommerce is that we are sitting on a trove of data. … The marketing benefit of Big Data are immense, giving our clients a distinct advantage of both, marketing and selling to consumers.”

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Here are some key findings from the case study of flash sales on LINE from aCommerce:

  • Brands that partnered with aCommerce and LINE had direct access to the hands of 8.8 per cent of the Thai population through 5.5 million subscribers to the LINE sale channel
  • 42.6  per cent of orders came from outside of Bangkok
  • The ‘Young professional’ demographic (25-34) make up 37 per cent or the majority of users who subscribed for LINE flash sales
  • Consumers were most responsive to the food and beverage flash sale, which sold out in under five minutes
  • As common with higher price point items, luxury brand Kiehl’s sold less volume but largest profit margins were gained, indicating that luxury items and mobile shopping are highly compatible
  • Most views on average came from Samsung users (46 per cent)
  • 70 per cent of purchases came from Apple devices
  • Mobile is critical for viewing but desktop still plays a major role in purchases in Thailand with only five per cent viewing on desktop but 42 per cent of all transactions made on desktop and or PCs
  • 20,000 people were shopping and browsing at one time, vastly more than any bricks and mortar shopping capacity

Disclaimer: aCommerce is a portfolio company under Ardent Capital, an investor in Optimatic Pte Ltd, the parent company of e27