Japan-based dev studio Nulab launches chat app for the office Typetalk

Nulab is aiming to revolutionalise chats in the workplace. Will you bite or just settle for instant messaging on a personal chat app?

By Elaine Huang


Japan-based Nulab, an agile software development company that provides application tools for business and group collaborations, today announced its launch of enterprise chat app, Typetalk.

Available on iOS, Android and the web, the free app facilitates group communication and project sharing via instant messaging (IM).

While the tool was first rolled out on the web for Typetalk preview beta users, the 10-year-old company’s official statement noted that it saw popular demand from users who wanted to bring their chats with them on the go. In the future, users can also look forward to integration of other Nulab apps such as online diagramming app Cacoo and project management tool Backlog.

At the moment, popular workplace chat tools in the market include Hipchat, Chatter and Redbooth (formerly known as Teambox). On the other hand, some startups would rather keep all their chats on personal messenger apps such as LINE or WhatsApp. For users of the former enterprise IM tools, it is highly likely that security might be a deciding factor in choosing chat apps to discuss work matters.

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Aside from work conversations, Typetalk users can also choose to have personal discussions with family and friends. In addition, they can share files and pictures with a drag-and-drop uploader.

e27 has reached out to Nulab for comments regarding future integration and revenue plans.

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