The new studio in Southeast Asia would be staffed by talents from Japan and local experts in order to develop content that is derived from both Japanese and local trends.This is also to make sure that the company is able to establish an organizational structure that is capable of delivering results to their customers across the globe.

The operations that would also be known as “NAMCO BANDAI Studios Singapore Pte. Ltd.” would be working in close collaboration with the Economic Development Board and several educational institutions to develop and secure human resources.

This would also ensure the further revitalization of the local game industry cluster, which is evolving rapidly. NAMCO BANDAI Studios will further consider optimal deployment of its development facilities to acquire new customers in the growing markets. They would also be looking optimizing content development cost, in order to develop content that is in line with their mission of providing “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” to people around the world.

Some of the reasons why Namco Bandai decided to move to Singapore was become of the country’s geopolitical importance in defining content creation. Also, many of the organization’s strategic partners are based in the Southeast Asian region, therefore, setting up a base in Singapore would further strengthen these relationships.

This expansion to Southeast Asia is in conjunction with another overseas establishment in Vancouver, Canada.