Henek and his cofounders have learned the ropes of market penetration in China, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia…and through HYPE, they’re helping other companies do the same. Aiming to be an end-to-end, full-suite service, HYPE demystifies the Asian markets while seeking to build long-term partnerships with their clients.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • About Henek’s background
  • About the different services HYPE provides
  • If your company might be ready for HYPE
  • Why HYPE is different from other venture builder services

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  • 1:45 Henek’s background and previous work experience
  • 5:59 Jay and Henek discuss why it’s often very difficult to leave the banking and finance industry
  • 10:04 Henek describes his onboarding process with Airbnb
  • 10:58 Henek gives an overview of HYPE
  • 15:27 Henek explains where the idea of HYPE came from
  • 18:12 The common problem for businesses when expanding into Asia
  • 20:31 Henek describes when a company is ripe for HYPE
  • 21:58 Henek explains the difference between HYPE’s services levels — DIP and B.O.T
  • 25:56 How HYPE partners with their clients
  • 27:21 Henek describes HYPE’s experience in different Asian sectors
  • 28:25 Henek comments on HYPE’s competitors within the “venture builder” space
  • 32:32 How Henek sees the startup ecosystem in Asia evolving
  • 36:11 Henek’s goals for HYPE for 2018
  • 37:48 Henek’s advice to startups looking to expand into Asia