Nexshark Media is a well-known media company in the US — and is especially popular with the Asian-American community.

As a young college student, Founder and CEO Benny Luo wanted to work hard, land a job at Apple or Dell and climb his way up the corporate ladder.

But, as he explains in a sit down with Jay Kim, Lou’s time making money in online poker and grey hat affiliate marketing taught him the important life lessons that led him towards the Founding of Nextshark Media.

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Show notes are below.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (2:56) Get to know Benny Luo
  • (4:15) How Benny was introduced to the world of online Poker
  • (6:49) Benny’s high-rolling college life
  • (10:23) From online poker player to grey-hat affiliate marketer
  • (13:49) Benny’s lack of money management skills leaves him on the verge of bankruptcy
  • (16:40) Benny looks for a way out and finds a new path forward with social media marketing
  • (18:57) Benny branches out and starts working for himself
  • (22:50) Inbound Marketing: a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about online marketing
  • (23:18) Benny founds his first company, New Media Rockstars, and sells it two years later
  • (24:45) On NextShark, Benny’s most recent company
  • (29:29) On what’s next for NextShark