Not a lot of college dropouts become the Head of Global Marketing for an international brand, but Ryan Holiday can put that claim on his resumé.

As the top dawg for American Apparel’s marketing team, Holiday oversaw some of the biggest advertising campaigns in the retail industry.

A self-taught expert of Stoicism, Holiday joins the show to talk about why college may not be the best choice. He also explains why it is important to surround yourself with ambitious people and how to deal with negative emotions.

Show notes below.

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Detailed Show Notes

  • (3:53) On dropping out of college and dealing with negative reactions
  • (5:23) The opportunity that led to conflict between Ryan and his parents
  • (7:40) Why the current state of higher-education isn’t sustainable
  • (8:45) How Ryan met Robert Greene and landed his dream apprenticeship
  • (9:30) The real value of a college education
  • (11:06) On finding maturity at a young age
  • (13:11) On balancing entrepreneurial ambitions with full-time employment
  • (16:54) How Ryan views the ego
  • (21:16) On dealing with negative emotions and how to not let the actions of others ruin your frame of mind
  • (23:15) How Stoicism can empower you to reach your full potential
  • (24:32) Ryan’s final advice for anyone who’s unsure if more education is the right choice for them