In a bid to help startup founders find ‘problem-customer’ fit, Singapore-based accelerator Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI) has launched its new 21-day programme JFDI Discovery. “Problem-customer’ refers to in-depth understanding of your customers.

The three-week long sprint will adopt tools such as Objective Key Results (OKR) and Lean Canvas, which have been used in JFDI’s flagship accelerator programme. According to the website, these tools will help startups to structure their customer development process, keep track of progress, develop metrics to monitor and measure, and narrow down customer segment.

Unlike its main 100-day accelerator programme, which requires participants to attend physical meetings or group webinars, JFDI Discovery comes with virtually no strings attached. “We don’t foresee booting out teams because it’s mostly up to the individual/teams how much of the curriculum they want to finish, at their own pace,” said Joyce Huang, Community Manager, JFDI.

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Furthermore, the participants will receive a weekly ‘Office Hour’ call with coaches Adrian Tan and Chi-Kai Huang. These calls are set to be conducted after teams post and fulfill their assignments (Weekly Deliverables).

Hugh Mason, Co-founder and CEO, JFDI said in an official statement, “…  Our experience is that it helps a lot to have a coach and a community, and that’s what JFDI Discovery provides.”

Huang also noted that there isn’t a specific team size. She added, “… but it is highly encouraged that you do the exercises together with your co-founders.”

The 21-day monthly programme is slated to start June 7, 2014 with a capacity of 3o teams. Each participant is required to pay S$100 (US$80) at registration. Interestingly, the teams can have the fee back at the end if they feel they did not get value for the money.