Job Forward, Singapore’s online social recruitment platform, has raised an undisclosed amount of seed investment from COENT Venture Partners.

This financing round has helped Job Forward launch Startup Essence, a service that empowers startups and SMEs to engage the right talent through social recruiting.

Hideki Fujita, Co-founder and CEO, COENT Venture Partners said, “With Job Forward’s CEO Yoshiaki Ieda’s global experience in HR and marketing, we have great confidence that he will be able to drive Job Forward towards innovating social recruiting in Asia. We strongly believe in Job Forward’s initiative to take advantage of the space between social media and online recruitment to grow a solution that we see in a lot of startups and young firms face—they simply are not able to cast a wide enough net to seek out suitable hires. Startup Essence delivers a solution that is extremely intuitive, but fresh—which is something we like seeing at COENT.”

According to the Manpower Group’s survey in 2014, 36 per cent of employers are having difficulties in finding candidates to fill the open positions. Apart from this, the startup community faces several issues such as a limited network to find the right talent. Job Forward aims to disrupt the traditional online recruitment process by introducing a platform that bridges the gap between social media and recruitment driven by personal referrals. The tool showcases key characteristics of the company to increase the appeal of the company to potential new hires.

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“After over 10 years of global experience in the HR industry, I came across companies struggling with the same problem again and again,” said Ieda. “The team at Job Forward is very excited to introduce a game changer to online recruitment—to not only integrate social media and online recruitment, but also to introduce a solution for companies that are struggling to engage with the right pool of talent,” he added.

Job Forward first got our attention at Echelon’s 2014 Startup Marketplace, where it was handpicked by e27 to showcase its offerings. It walked away with the People’s Choice Award at Echelon 2014 Singapore Satellite.

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