Full stack Javascript developer (remote-friendly)


| Hong Kong

Salary (USD) Not specified

Full Time | 1 Applicant(s)

Posted: 17 Mar 2017

Skills required

javascript, node.js, AngularJS

About Company

Ambassador marketing platform helping companies build, run and scale brand ambassador programs to increase brand and social reach and drive referrals

Job Description

Experienced and reliable full stack javascript developer required for remote-friendly startup.

Essential skills:

  • Excellent spoken English
  • Unit testing / integration testing experience. Don’t follow a strict TDD approach but will expect good coverage for every feature added
  • Node.js. Would expect you to have experience with express.js or similar
  • Solid 1.x AngularJS skills required. You’ll need to hit the ground running (We’ll be looking at moving to vue.js or react in future)
  • Bootstrap
  • Git
  • Relational database experience
  • Interested in writing quality, maintainable code
  • Willing to participate in code reviews (as both reviewer and reviewee)
  • Goal focused rather than task focused. Be willing to reach out and communicate early if you foresee any potential issues

Bonus points:

  • Experience with Javascript ES6 generators
  • Experience with Koa.js web framework
  • PostgreSQL experience, especially with JSON data, but demonstrated experience with any relational DB will suffice
  • Experience designing REST APIs

We will expect to see a sample of your code before starting so big plusses if you have a Github profile or some other open source code we can take a look at.

Ideal candidate:

  • Good team player and communicator
  • Somebody whom we can trust and build a friendly relationship
  • Has contributed to, or is keen to contribute to open source projects
  • You’re not expected to know every framework and API out there but you need to be open to learning and able to pick things up quickly. A good developer will know how to get it done.

Look forward to hearing from you!