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Posted: 07 Sep 2016

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English, writing, marketing, people skills, interview skills, tech, startup, Singapore

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e27 is now the startup ecosystem's go-to platform for insights, connections, talent and funding opportunities. e27 also organises the much-celebrated Echelon conference.

Job Description

Your advertisement is boring and trite! Here's how to spice it up

Content delivery has evolved drastically with the advent of the Internet. Sick of watching 3 minutes of commercials for every 5 minutes of "Sharknado" on the FX channel? Just stream it on Netflix without any bothersome advertisements. 

Indeed, marketers can no longer rely on traditional and  overtly promotional content to catch the attention of consumers. No longer are consumers beholden to broadcasters or big publishers for quality content. Marketers need to figure out better ways to capture their target audience.

One way these ways is through content marketing -- the art of delivering useful, relevant, and informative content to the target consumers.

Think about the Apple iPhone advertisements you see at train stations or on billboards.

Do they feature a point-by-point breakdown about how awesome their camera technology is, or how much RAM/processing the iPhones are packed with, or even, how and why they are better than their competitors?

No, obviously not. Because the audience in that area -- who are usually commuting -- are unlikely to stop and contemplate all these technical information.

So instead, it's just a large photo with the caption "Shot on iPhone". Now, think about how effective that is! In one image, it sells the product better than any article could.

Now think about less exciting "enterprisey" technology such as Cloud. If a company such as IBM's SoftLayer wants you to spread the gospel about its Cloud platform, how would you write it so that it is eye-catching to the consumer?

Send a short write-up to us (just two paragraphs will suffice), and if it catches our eye, we will call you up for an interview!

Good luck!