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Posted: 06 Dec 2018

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Java, Programming, Linux

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ADSC's mission is to identify and solve basic research problems with high scientific impact and high potential economic impact, and to help expand the workforce of highly trained IT researchers.

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About ADSC:

Illinois At Singapore Pte. Ltd./ Advanced Digital Sciences Center (ADSC) is a research centre of University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, funded by Singapore government agency, National Research Foundation (NRF).

ADSC is home to approximately 50 researchers and students focusing on breakthrough innovations in information technologies supporting interactive cyber infrastructures that are expected to have a major impact in transforming humans’ use of information in data-intensive, technologically developed societies. ADSC’s research mission is carried out through projects that facilitate interactions among UIUC researchers, local researchers and their industry partners. Through this, ADSC aims to enhance Singapore’s position as a hub for leading edge research.

For more information, please visit ADSC's website http://adsc.illinois.edu/.

Project: Design and Implementation of a high-fidelity, practical smart grid honeypot for gathering threat intelligence

Honeypot for industrial control systems (ICS) is still in an early stage. While there are a number of implementations, to our knowledge none of them offers high-interaction, cyber-physical integrated experience to deceive attackers, and therefore is suitable for retaining attackers inside for conducting longitudinal attack analysis. Besides, logging on honeypot systems that allow us to conduct analysis of attack vectors and threat intelligence has not yet been well studied or implemented. In this project, we tackle these challenges towards a practical, high-fidelity ICS honeypot in smart grid domain that offers better realism from attacker’s perspective and effective logging features for security and threat analysis.

We are currently looking for a Software Engineer to conduct research and development for a new project on securing the communication networks and intelligent devices in smart grid. This project will develop and deliver cutting-edge technologies and solutions for defending modern smart grid against sniffing and tampering, as well as improving its resilience against network attacks.

Job Requirements: 

- BS or MS in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, or a related field.

- Proficient in Java and C/C++ programming

- Experience in setup and configuration of Linux/Windows machines and servers

- Experience in system and network virtualization technologies (e.g., VirtualBox, Vmware, QEMU, Mininet, etc.)

- Prior experience in one or multiple of the following areas --- embedded system programming, computer & network security, penetration testing, or industrial control systems, especially power grid systems --- is desirable.

- Interest in R&D activities focusing on industrial control systems

Application Instructions:

Interested candidates should apply online at https://my.engr.illinois.edu/apply/.

ADSC is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring exceptionally talented individuals based on merit and qualifications. Applications are sought from persons with strong credentials who embrace working with other high performing colleagues of diverse nationalities, backgrounds, experiences and ideas and who value diversity, inclusivity and shared participation in an English ­language workplace. Salaries and benefits are highly competitive and commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applications will be considered until the corresponding position has been filled. Only short­listed candidates will be notified.

IMPORTANT: We strongly encourage applicants to email your application directly and send a copy of CV to [email protected] Enquiries can also be directed to these contacts. Applications not submitted directly to these contact persons may have delayed response. Applications will be considered until the corresponding position has been filled. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.