Senior Audio Signal Engineer


| Singapore, United States of America

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Posted: 20 Dec 2017

Skills required

Signal Processing, Acoustics, microphone-array processing, sensor array design, machine learning

About Company

Inspirit IoT's vision is to be the global leader in delivering sensor intelligence.

Job Description

MS or PhD in Computer or Electrical Engineering or Related Subjects

Competencies in Signal processing, acoustics, microphone-array processing, sensor array design

Competencies in machine learning techniques and frameworks including Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe, and ability to interact with and translate from other smaller frameworks

Experience in audio event detection techniques, natural language processing, context and context-free language processing

Ability to lead communications between internal and external development teams

Ability to manage a team of engineers to accelerate development

Ability to interact with FPGA hardware engineers who will be responsible for implementation and deployment of designed algorithms