Business Development Head - Influencer Management (Jakarta)


| Singapore, Indonesia

Salary (SGD) 4K - 5K

Full Time | 2 Applicant(s)

Posted: 10 Jan 2019

Skills required

Business Development

About Company

Vybes’s mission is to connect influencers to their fans in a unique way. We’re doing this by building a platform for influencers to offer products and services directly to their followers.

Job Description

We are a leading influencer commerce company, helping influencer create products to sell to their fans. We already have hundreds of influencers on our platform with millions of followers but we want to grow this by 10x in 2019.

Job Scope

- Responsible for acquiring celebrities and/or large influencers in Indonesia and/or build partnerships with large celebrity/influencer agencies

- Should be able to build relationships and partnerships quickly and systematically build a sales pipeline

- Objective is to get these influencers interested in creating new products to sell to their fans and sign partnership contracts with our company


- Has pre-existing relationships in this industry and/or a background in celebrity/influencer management.

- Should have ability to build new relationships easily, strong negotiation skills and be able to deliver ambitious sales goals

- Preferably should also have a creative mind and an understanding of consumer products so that you can suggest products for each influencer to create

- Should be comfortable working independently, coordinating with other country teams, and eventually leading your own team

Compensation etc.

- Commensurate with experience