HR Recruitment Manager


| Singapore

Salary (SGD) 5K - 6K

Full Time | 3 Applicant(s)

Posted: 13 Dec 2018

Skills required

Marketing, Good communication skills

About Company

Vybes’s mission is to connect influencers to their fans in a unique way. We’re doing this by building a platform for influencers to offer products and services directly to their followers.

Job Description

---Job Scope---

Responsible primarily for hiring candidates globally for a fast growing startup team.

Headquarters based in Singapore but we will source for candidates in external markets that we’re in, including USA, Indonesia, China.

Candidates will include engineers, product managers, sales and BD managers, and brand owners.

Current team is about 8 persons and we estimate growing to around 30 persons by end 2019 and 100 persons by end 2020.

Will also help manage all HR matters including employee contracts, compensation management and team culture building, together with company management


Ideally has handled recruiting in a fast growing technology company

Be able to quickly source for and persuade top candidates to join our company

Strong process manager, good with people, and has a strategic vision.

Willing to work in a fast growing startup environment and hustle with limited resources.

Ideally has at least 4 years relevant work experience but attitude and ability are more important

Enjoys being part of a multicultural team and building a democratic, collaborative, and proactive startup culture

---Compensation etc.---

Can be part time at first but would prefer you to become full time later.