JobTech, a Singaporean company that temporarily shutdown its job-matching service in October, has relaunched and tweaked the product.

Previously, the service aggregated job offerings from major job portals and career pages. After legal threats forced the temporarily closure, JobTech has moved beyond the portals and is now aggregating directly from thousands of company career pages.

“Along our journey we experienced some obstacles and had to take down our site in October 2017. However, there was still an outpouring of support from the community which was heartening to us and strengthened our resolve to continue serving the job seekers and employers in Singapore.,” said Co-founder Charlotte Lim.

One of the neat features of JobTech is the use of semantic fingerprinting, which is an automation tool that allows people to upload their resume and receive relevant matches based on the information.

A reality of any shutdown is it kills growth momentum. Lim explained how she plans to get the ball rolling again over the next three months.

“We will definitely be expanding our number of job sources, so that job seekers will have more choices and better chances of landing the right job,” she said.

“For our enterprise customers, we are working closer with them to enhance our ability to serve them across the HR value chain — from sourcing to talent management,” Lim added.

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She also explained that the company will seek strategic partnerships, highlighting a current cooperation with Ernst and Young to support a skills framework across Singapore’s Industry Transformation Map.

The shutdown received attention from mainstream media in Singapore in part because the Chairman is Phillip Yeo, who holds the same position at SPRING, the Singapore government’s enterprise agency.

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The site is free for job seekers.

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