Joel Salmon
Education Sector SaaS Sales Leader/Project Manager


An independent data analyst with accreditation through the American Management Association, Joel Salmon focuses on big data visualization and project management in the field of higher education SaaS (software as a service). He formerly served three years with Renaissance Management, -a New York City data analysis firm that provided market reporting to multiple Ivy League universities and other large clients. Joel Salmon’s work with Renaissance involved detailing critical information to help colleges and universities make sound decisions centered on general internal management and the development of new programs.

Joel Salmon also served as a manager of production with the digital marketing and website development firm Education Dynamics, helping institutions of higher learning attract and retain students. He got his professional start as a sales engineer with Aristotle, Inc., managing the implementation of complex data validation and mobile data transfer systems for Fortune 500 companies such as Anheuser-Busch, American Express, and Aetna Insurance Company.
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I'm based in

Mahwah, New Jersey, United States of America