Carousell logoCarousell, Singapore based mobile marketplace that allows you to buy and sell things on it, just went live on the App Store and is available for free.

Remember ShopSpot, the Thailand based startup which wanted to replace Craiglist and eBay? They went through the JFDI-Innov8 bootcamp and was recently invested by SingTel Innov8 and Thai investors. ShopSpot was founded after the team won the first prize at Startup Weekend Bangkok back in 2011. Coincidentally in Singapore, the winner of Startup Weekend Singapore 2012 was also a similar idea as ShopSpot, and the team has continued to polish their winning idea. Today, Carousell announced that their app is now live on the App Store.

Available exclusively in Singapore, the beautiful app boast a simple and easy way to sell your products. The blog post announcing the launch reads: “We truly hope it will help you sell the stuff that you’ve always wanted to sell but procrastinated doing so time and again. We’ve made it super simple, and will keep making it simpler, and simpler.”

Other than allowing you to list your products you want to sell, you can also beautify your products with preloaded photo filters, pretty much like Instagram. Carousell also allows you to curate and personalize your own browsing experience by following people of the same tastes and interest. Products can be categorized according to gender and its individual verticals.

Founded by Quek Siurui, Lucas Ngoo and Marcus Tan, the team of three have been working from [email protected], one of Singapore’s latest and hottest coworking space managed by NUS Enterprise, which currently house more than 38 startups. Although Carousell was launched today, the startup has close to 100 users test-bedding their beta version since July 2012. The first sale of an item happened last week – an Amazon Kindle e-reader that was sold for S$75. Carousell expect to see the sales of items ramping up significantly, now that the app has been launched.

The launch of mobile marketplaces recently by ShopSpot and Carousell makes one wonder, will it work? According to a survey on PayPal which was mentioned in the 2012 ADMA Digital Marketing Yearbook, nearly three quarters (70 percent) of Singaporean mobile shoppers stated convenience as the main driver for them to carry out mobile commerce. This sounds exactly what Carousell is doing.

So do give this beautiful app a try if you have unwanted things lying around your house and maybe you can start making some extra cash off this new mobile marketplace. When you download the Free App, you also stand a chance to win 50 Starbucks Gift Cards.

Carousell Singapore